Creative sessions for those living with dementia and their carers Sleaford and Grantham, Memory Lane in Boston and craft4memory in Spalding

11 January 2017


Funding has come to an end for the creative sessions in Spalding, Grantham and Sleaford.

I will continue to deliver one of the two monthly sessions for ‘Memory Lane’ in Boston.

From January to end of February 2017 I will be delivering sessions for the Arts on Prescription programme in Lincoln and Louth

From January to end of March 2017 I will be delivering sessions for older adults in care homes for my project funded by Arts Council England  ‘Lost & Found’


‘Memory Lane’ Boston 27.1.16

More good news! Boston Big Local have extended funding for the ‘Memory Lane’ group.

Many thanks to BBL, we are very appreciative of their generous support which means we can now carry on with our fortnightly sessions…scroll down to see some photos of today’s session

Spalding, Grantham and Sleaford Dementia Sessions

I’m really pleased to announce that funding has been secured from the Dementia Support Fund enabling me to provide free creative sessions for those living with dementia and their carers in Spalding, working with SHAW (Spalding Health and Wellbeing CIC) and also in Grantham and Sleaford, working with South Kesteven Health Trainers/LCVS (Lincolnshire Community and Voluntary Services).

A result of recent collaborative working of a diverse stakeholder group working towards improved service provision.

SPALDING SESSIONS – at Tonic Health, 6 Broadgate House, Westlode Street PE11 2AF

Session 1 & 2 – Thurs 14 Jan & Thurs 21 Jan – Creating a journey book 

We used various print techniques to create marks and patterns as a background and added text and images to personalise our own folded book.


photo credit Jean Hodge Lincolnshire Free Press and Guardian

Jean Hodge from LFP&G attended the first session to take photos and gather information for an editorial:

Session 3 – Thurs 28 Jan – Felted soap bars

Today’s session was all about smells and the memories they reminded us of.  We had great fun sniffing bars of Coal Tar and Imperial Leather soap which made us think of others like Lux and Pears.

A huge bowl of dried lavender from my garden was passed round making us all feel very chilled out…evidence of it’s relaxing properties!

G told us some wonderful stories of her life in London and the excitement of living near Wormwood Scrubs while her son D took time out to read the paper.

After a cup of tea, we chose a soap bar to wrap in Merino wool fibres and felt by hand.  We added thin strips of bright colours and talked about which were the easiest for us to see.

The finished felt soap bars were popped into plastic bags to take home.  They can be used just like normal soap and when the bar is finished, a cut can be made in the felt and a new bar inserted.

Sorry too busy to take any photos of this session!

Session 4 – Thurs 4 Feb – Clay heads and nature tiles

We squeezed lumps of terracotta clay in our hands until soft and easy to mould.  Working the clay around our thumbs into a head shape, we used our fingers and a variety of tools to create features, adding extra clay as needed.

After a welcome cup of tea and hobnob, we rolled out a clay tile and used leaves, cutters and odd bits and pieces to create texture in the surface, more clay was added to create a 3D effect.

The clay will be dry enough to take home next week.

We took turns in knitting a few rows with multi coloured wool.  Gladys has very poor eyesight but the most nimble fingers I’ve ever seen as she felt her way through each stitch with perfect technique.  Her nails had been painted a glorious shade of red by College students at the Dementia cafe the day before.

We discussed the bright colours in the wool and which were easiest for her to see: purple and lime green but not pink.

photo (22)

Session 5 – Thurs 11 February – Weaving and wrapping

Gladys is partially sighted; although she couldn’t see the holes in the mesh, she felt her way along  – rhythmically going in and out to the sounds of her favourite singer Adam Faith… managing to multi task and join in with the chorus; magic moment!  So glad I took my iPad along to the session, will try and create a play list before the next session.

shaw feb 11

Session 6 – Thurs 18 February – Collage

The Spalding group is expanding – news has got around about all the fun we’re having!

At today’s sessions we used colour, image and text to create our own personal ‘mood’ boards – Gladys’ mind was occupied with shoes, handbags and watches…’fabulous!’

photo (58)

photo (60)

Session 7 – Thurs 25 February – Paper pulp memory bowls / knitting

Small group today making bowls from recycled paper pulp.  After choosing their favourite mould shape, the outside was covered with a thin layer of vaseline with cling film laid over the top.  This would prevent the paper pulp from sticking to the mould and make removal easier once dry.

The paper pulp required lots of smoothing and patting to remove all the cracks, if left they would get larger during the drying process and the finished bowl may break once the mould was removed.   The pulped bowls were left to dry until the next session when we will be adding text and images using various techniques.

photo (70)

After tea and biscuits we started knitting our contributions to the Dementia Awareness Week yarnbomb in Boston.  Gladys is a brill knitter even though her sight is very poor, some things you just never forget she said, just like riding a bike!

photo (69)

Session 8 – Thurs 3 March – wire and plaster figures

Gladys comes from a very large family, she is one of 10 – so we decided to make all her brothers and sisters!  Here’s her sister Nell chilling with a Hobnob waiting for her plaster layer.

photo (87)

photo (88)

photo (89)

We managed all 10 between us!  Next session we’ll assemble the siblings into an art installation.

Session 9 – Thurs 10 March – Installation

Jobs for everyone today! Gladys’ son offered to hammer staples into the plaster figures to create a ‘family installation’, the rest of us created clothes while Gladys described her family for us – we’d decided who was who going by height and action pose.

Here’s Gladys in her sparkly dance wear at Hammersmith Palais; a regular venue for meeting friends, dancing and listening to bands like Lou Preager.

Gladys is very keen on toffees so we used a wrapper to make her a shiny bodice to her dress.


Session 10 – Thurs 17 March – Mind Map Painting

Using masking tape, I made a rough map of Gladys’ memories of names and places.  She helped paint the board…the patterns stimulated more connections. Knitting was on hand to keep those active nimble fingers busy.


Next session we’ll start writing in the names of roads, places and people.  Tonic Health have agreed to the finished art work being hung on the Ivy Room wall


Session 11 – Thurs 24 March – Mind Map and Nail Art

Gladys’ son had printed all the road names and places remembered during our previous 10 sessions with a nifty gadget he had and stuck them onto the painting.

The ‘Palais’ is really important to Gladys so I thought it deserved a frame all of its own!


The painting will be hung in the Ivy Room at Tonic Health shortly

Gladys used my old ‘cobblers’ hammer to help me drive in the nails, I thought she might like the link to her father’s profession.

However she was quick to point out that her father was a shoemaker not a cobbler, she said he would have been very offended to have been called the latter – sorry dad.

Once all the nails were in place, I helped Gladys wind brightly coloured threads around them to reveal the letter ‘G’.




Session 1 – Thursday 12 May – Felt


A change of name for Programme 2, the sessions are a continuation from Programme 1 as we continue learning and sharing skills, making new friends and having fun.

We began work on a felt wall hanging, the big blue skies of Lincolnshire inspiring our work.  Today we learnt the basics of felt making and used Merino wool fibres to make practice pieces.  Birds will be cut from the felt to create a sky scene.

spald 3

Session 2 – Thursday 19 May – Felt

Bird shapes cut from felt made during the previous week’s session have been stitched onto a piece of old linen with delicate lace crochet around the edge.  The linen was dyed with Lincolnshire woad to create the blue for the sky.

Today we made bird ‘twigs’ wrapped with yarn and thread, with loose thread wings added. Small pom poms, made on a fork, are the floating clouds…..some have a silver lining!


Session 3 – Thurs 26 May – Felt craft4memory wall hanging

I created a long pre felt base for today’s session, the group created arable markings and trees as a top layer and started the felting process.

I trimmed and mounted the piece at home and added the craft4memory letters.


Session 4 – Thurs 2 June – Art on the walls

All work produced so far in Prog 2 was displayed on the walls in the Willow Room.

Here’s Gladys with her mind map and marriage photo

gladys 3

gladys 4

Session 5 – Thurs 9 June – Creative Writing and Positive Messages

This morning we stitched positive messages inspired by Betsy Greer’s project #yasvb (you are so very beautiful).  Gladys loves toffees, she asked me to stitch this message as her sight is very poor.

gladys 1

After coffee, we asked each other questions to get random words to rearrange into a poem or short written piece and then read them out to each other – there was a great deal of giggling!

gladys 2

Session 6 – Thurs 16 June  – Abbeygate Care Home, Moulton – Clay

The remaining sessions of Programme 2 will be delivered on an outreach basis, at different venues.  11 participants including Gladys, her son and his wife.

A very enthusiastic group today, keen to get started.

abbey 1

The inspiration for this piece came from the moustache, the maker told me….’it looked like Humpty Dumpty so I made it a wall!’

abbey 2

And this couple are wonderful…apparently that sweet, shy looking lady has a wicked past!

abbey 3

Session 7 – Abbeygate Care Home, Moulton – Felt covered soaps

Another visit to Abbeygate for Craft4Memory’s second outreach session.  Some familiar faces and new ones too, full house again with 15.

All participants created a a bar of soap covered with Merino wool fibres felted by hand. There were some wonderful perfumes of Coal Tar, Palmolive, Pears….wafting around the room!

photo (20)

Session 8 – Thurs 7 July – Ashwood Nursing Home, Spalding – Clay

We set up a table in the centre of the lounge this afternoon, those that wanted to participate came to sit down, while others watched from their comfy chairs…I think they enjoyed the entertainment!.

Lady who was born in Gibraltar was a great story teller.

There were 6 participants, 4 of which had dementia.  We were joined by two members of staff.

No images of participants at this sessions as the manager wasn’t present and staff were reluctant to give permission.

ashwood 1

ashwood 2

Session 9 – Mon 11 July – Here 4 U Group, Holbeach – Clay

Enthusiastic group in Holbeach today, mostly local people who obviously benefit a great deal from Here 4 U – the kind of community group every rural area needs!

A carer said her mother (red jumper) had found great benefit from the arts activity, saying it was the longest she’d concentrated for a while

photo (17)

Other ladies had such fun with the clay that they took half a bag of clay away so they could do more

photo (23)

As well as mini heads, the group also started to make mini gargoyles for another project that’s simmering at the moment – they either took their heads home or will leave them to dry at the venue and collect another day.  I took the gargoyles home as seed for another project….

photo (1)

8 participants (possibly more as activity was on a drop in basis), 4 with dementia

No Gladys again today.

Session 10 – Thurs 20 July – Southfields Care Home, Spalding, Clay

We worked with clay while looking out at the wonderful garden at Southfields…door wide open to let in a gentle breeze.  All ladies today, although we had a couple of guys as observers and I think they appreciated our creative efforts.

This is one of many heads created by Margaret, I love the way he’s looking up to the sky…

photo (10)

photo (11)

They agreed they’d all worked really hard and put all their pieces to dry on a nearby bookshelf.  At the end of the session they were all looking forward to their afternoon cuppa and a snooze.

Looking forward to a return visit to Southfields for Prog 3.

7 participants, 5 with dementia.


Programme 3 sessions are being delivered with the support of a chartered counselling pyschologist and who is interested in gaining further experience in delivering arts activities with those living with dementia

Craft4Memory Prog 3 Session 1 – Mon 5 Sept Crowland 55 Plus Group – Action Painting

15 participants today, 9 living with dementia or are carers/past carers of family members with dementia.

The tables had been cleared from lunch and the group were ready for their creative session. They were given the choice to either paint seated where they were or paint with the canvasses on the floor – they all chose to stay in their seats at a table.

I covered each of the 4 tables with polythene sheeting for protection and placed a large canvas on each one with a selection of different size paintbrushes and rollers, paint in tubes, bowls and spray bottles and different materials to create texture: sponges and plastic mesh.

I suggested it might be a good idea, especially for those who looked a little tentative, to cover the whole canvas in a background colour – it would get them started and ease the nerves!

Each table was given a colour scheme to represent mood: blue for calm, heather for reflective, orange for energised and a mixture of all colours for indecisive! However participants were told they could go off plan, sharing colours between them, there were no rules to this activity.

Kate Marshall, project officer for Dementia Support South Lincs, attended the session. She was so impressed by the group’s art work, that she invited them to exhibit the paintings at an event she’s organising shortly in her village. Well you never know what you can achieve until you take a small risk…..great work Crowland 55s Plus.

Barry became consultant ‘mesh sprayer’ as he was so good at it.

photo (8)

photo (2)

photo (6)

Craft4Memory Prog 3 Session 2 – Wed 7 Sept at Tonic Health Dementia Cafe – Action Painting

Lovely to see some familiar face this afternoon; following their exercise sessions, members of the dementia cafe created 3 amazing paintings full of texture, colour and movement.

The large canvases and range of alternative ways to apply paint, negotiated barriers to engagement very quickly, even the most reticent was soon expressing their current mood through colour, shape and physical movement.

Maisie who was visiting her daughter, all the way from Londonderry, wanted everyone to sign her painting as a memento.  We hope to add the other 3  paintings to the exhibition of work by those living with dementia on the walls of the meeting room at Tonic Health.



Craft4Memory Prog 3 Session 3 – Mon 12 September at Bank House Residential Home, Gosberton

7 participants today, 2 diagnosed with dementia.  Everyone enjoyed moulding the soft clay, impressing patterns and creating mini heads.  They were proud to have learnt a new skill and used a new material.



John made a Bentley….he’s had several old cars, but Bentleys are his favourite.


Craft4Memory Prog 3 Session 4 – Wed 21 September, Tanglewood Rest Home, Spalding – Felt Soap

7 participants with dementia today, several advanced.  The group were given free choice to choose a soap:  Coal Tar, Pears or Imperial Leather, all had a good sniff remembering which one they used to use, Coal Tar was a firm favourite.

Using brightly coloured wool fibre, they wrapped their bar of soap up like a parcel then dipped it in warm, soapy water.  Once wrapped in bubble wrap, the package was squeezed in the hands until felted.

The finished felt soaps were left on a sunny windowsill to dry.



Craft4Memory Prog 3 Session 5, 3 October – Crowland 55s Plus Group – Fabric painting with natural materials

With the sun streaming through the windows, 15 participants used leaves to create their own individually designed piece of fabric.  The group included those living with dementia, carers and past carers.


Some beautiful results were obtained using leaves from blackberry, butterbur, cercis, fern and acer



Craft4Memory Programme 3 Session 6 – St. John’s Care Home, Spalding Thurs 13 October – Clay

13 participants took part in a mini heads clay moulding session at the dementia specialist care home, St. John’s in Spalding.



Craft4Memory Programme 3 Session 7 – Wed 2 November – Christmas Cards

Edward showed Luke how to tie a proper Windsor knot in his tie, it was a masterclass!


The group create individual greetings cards using collage on board, with added text.  Participants were encouraged to write a personal message inside and although many were reluctant at first, by the end of the sessions there were some lovely words written.

One participant said: ‘these shiny papers are so much easier for me to see’



CRAFT4MEMORY Programme 3 Session 8 – Wed 30 November – Extreme Cross Stitch

Cross stitch but not as you remember it!  To engage men as well as women in this traditional craft, I used offcuts of various types of wood: plywood, hardboard, mdf. To make the activity accessible to all, holes were drilled either close together for those who wanted a challenge or wider apart.

There were no rules to this cross stitch, it was all about mark making, colour and getting involved in a simple repetitive activity with free choice of needle size, yarn colour a..nd pattern.

The group completed some brilliant designs which have now been made into two cross stitch books.



The finished cross stitch boards have been made into two books using metal book rings


CRAFT4MEMORY Programme 3 Session 9 – Wed 14 December – Fabric Printing using Natural Materials – Holbeach Hospital

A new venue for Craft4Memory, staff very keen to be involved in more in the future.  All participants very engaged in the fabric printing although we could have done with larger tables!

No images from today as I was too involved in the activity, sorry

CRAFT4MEMORY Programme 3 Session 10 – Thurs 9 February 2017 – Felt – Holbeach Hospital

Great final session for Programme 3 with 6 day care participants (2male, 4 female), 4 with dementia and two activity coordinators supporting.

The group chose their own perfumed soap from a choice of Lily of the Valley, Lavender and Honeysuckle and were shown how to wrap wool fibre to cover. They then decorated with further coloured fibres before inserting into a stocking to felt in warm soapy water.

There was much giggling and everyone got fully involved.  One lady stayed in her seat and used a tray for felting. Great feedback from staff.




GRANTHAM SESSIONS – at Jubilee Life Centre, 5 London Road NG31 6EY

Two programmes of 11 weeks

GRANTHAM Programme 2 Session 1 – Tues 27 September at Jubilee Life Centre, 1.30-3.30

No participants at the first session

GRANTHAM Programme 2 Session 2 – Tues 4 Oct – Felt making

6 participants today, 3 with dementia and 3 carers.  We created felt taking inspiration from the colours and patterns of autumn leaves.  After hand felting on the table, the fabric was thrown onto bubble wrap on the floor to complete the process – great fun had by all!





GRANTHAM Programme 2 Session 3 – Tues 11 Oct – Cardboard sculpture

5 residents from Appletrees Reablement Centre  with 3 carers today.

I began by showing the group model shops that had been made as part of a Fun Palaces project with the Corby community.

I asked them if they had memories of a favourite shop and to try and recreate the memory with cardboard.

One lady who had been an officer in the RAF described an air traffic control tower to me, even down to the officer’s uniform and side cap.  While I worked she spoke of the different planes: mosquito, dakota; her husband who used to fly them and the wonderful, sometimes very sad memories she has of her time in the air force.




GRANTHAM Programme 2 Session 4 – Tues 18 October – Mosaic

6 participants from Appletrees Reablement Centre with two carers this afternoon.  They arrived late as had difficulty parking, also with 3 older adults each, the carers found the long walk to the rear room very difficult.  One participant had a walking frame.

Once settled, I described the activity and all were soon engaged in choosing mosaic tiles for their individual design.  Although none had any previous experience with mosaic, they managed the fiddly tiles very well and produced some lovely pieces.

I will grout the tiles at home and return them at the next session.




Finished tiles grouted


GRANTHAM Programme 2 Session 5 – Tues 25 October – Textiles

We made textile mini wreaths today using fabric strips in a variety of textures and colours. 3 residents from Appletrees care home accompanied by 2 carers, had free choice of colour and pattern, tying each strip onto a polystyrene ring.

When completely covered, participants were invited to choose a coloured bell(s) to add to their work and had the opportunity to make a woolly pom pom using the artist’s own accessible equipment.

It was suggested that a loop could be added so the wreath could be hung on a door or the wreaths could be used as table decoration.


GRANTHAM Programme 2 Session 6 – Christmas Cards


GRANTHAM Programme 2 Session 7 – Tues 8 November 

No participants due to illness

GRANTHAM Programme 2 Session 8 – Tues 15 November



GRANTHAM PROGRAMME 2 Session 9 – Tues 22 November – Clay

GRANTHAM Programme 2 Session 10 – Tues 29 November – Sketching and Mark Making

Unfortunately there were no participants for this session

GRANTHAM Programme 2 Session 11 – Tues 6 December – Christmas Party

Unfortunately there were no participants for this session



GRANTHAM Programme 1 Session 1 – Tues 26 Jan – Creating a journey book

Description of session as for Spalding session.

D from Westfield Care Home told us about his watercolour landscape paintings, unfortunately his sight is failing so he can’t see the muted colours any more.  D was also a physics teacher, such an interesting man.

The room at the Life Centre has a small kitchen in our meeting room which is very convenient for teas and coffees, there are also cakes for sale made by other groups who meet at the venue.  Looking forward to returning next week!

Session 2 – Tues 2 Feb – Clay heads 

We welcomed a group from Apple Trees Care and Reablement Centre with 2 members of staff.  We got to know each other over tea and biscuits, put on name labels (for my benefit as much as anyone else’s) and began to mould our clay heads.

Dave decided he’d rather make a bowl, I’ll take an photo of the finished piece next session, it’s very impressive.  He used to be a tool maker and model maker, you can tell by those long, creative fingers.  As Gladys said ‘you can tell he’s done this kind of thing before, look at those hands’

photo (11)

photo (13)

photo (18)

photo (19)

photo (20)

photo (14)

photo (15)

photo (17)

Session 3 – Tues 9 February – Felted soap

An enthusiastic group of 10 today from Apple Trees Care and Reablement Centre along with Dave and his wife Annette from Newark.

After smelling the old soaps of Coaltar and Imperial Leather we chatted about what other soaps and detergents we could remember.    Omo, Daz, Fairy and a new one for me Oxydol.

We hand felted bars of soap with brightly coloured Merino wool fibres, adding small strips to create a pattern on the surface.  Thanks to Tracey for the tea and biscuits that kept us going!

We are going to start work on our collaborative wall hung piece next session, it will be mixed media as we all enjoy different crafts including knitting, rag rugging, stitching, wood and metal.

photo (23)

photo (24)

photo (26)

photo (27)

photo (28)

photo (29)

photo (30)

Session 4 – Tues  17 February – Weaving and Sculpture 

By request, for this week’s session I provided materials for wood and wire work; it seemed to be a hit so will provide the opportunity every week.  The two Dave’s created some very impressive wire shapes today.

photo (52)

The group used colourful strips of fabric to weave plastic mesh.

photo (46)

photo (47)

photo (48)

The pieces will be joined to create one large art work, we will make a decision on the design at the next session

photo (50)

photo (53)

Session 5 – Tuesday 23 February – Wrapped Twiddle Twigs

We wrapped curly hazel twigs with brightly coloured yarn then added fluorescent and synthetic threads, beads and bells to create our own ‘Twiddle Twigs’.

The repetitive wrapping was very calming, providing gentle exercise for the hands. The finished twigs will be great to play with to reduce anxiety and restlessness..

Luckily I’d taken some purple wool, it was Margaret’s favourite colour….the green was her second favourite

photo (64)

photo (65)

Metal Sculpture:

Unfortunately the wire wool I provided for rubbing down the ends of the cut copper pipe wasn’t a great success, so Dave decided to use sandpaper instead.  I’m still learning!  I now know the right tool to buy to cut the pipe and to smooth it afterwards, will take next session….sorry Dave!

photo (66)

photo (67)

Session 6 – Tuesday 1 March – wire and plaster action figures

Today we covered aluminium wire figures with masking tape, pushing close to the wire so as not to lose definition.  The tape makes it easier to apply the plaster bandage.

We bent the soft wire into our chosen action position before applying one layer of Mod Roc, smoothing it as we went along.  We got quite a production line going and when completely dry, the figures will be suspended in a group.

photo (82)

photo (83)

photo (84)

photo (85)

Session 7 – Tues 8 March – clay tiles and heads

Clay this week back by popular demand.  We explored pattern and mark making using a variety of objects from threepenny bits to candelabras, screws and coins.

We missed our friends at Appletrees care home again this week as they are having difficulty with transport to the venue.

photo (91)

photo (92)

photo (93)

photo (95)

photo (96)

Margaret helped me make a ‘spitting image’ head of her carer

photo (97)

Session 8 – Painting on canvas – 15 March

A full house today with 16!

Over tea and biscuits, everyone introduced themselves as there were some new faces to get to know.  I explained the session activity, we would be completing 3 large ‘mind map’ canvasses.

First masking tape was applied to the surface of each canvas to create a grid, when removed the painted areas would be defined and a white linear map would appear.

Text relating to remembered names and places will be glued into place along the white map lines  next session


We kept moving the paintings around so that everyone got a chance to have a go – they were big enough for 3 people to work on at one time


Some were reluctant to take their warm coats off at the beginning, but they were soon discarded along with cardigans!  Painting is hard work


Can you spot Jim’s sheep, pig and horse?


Session 9 – Tues 22 March – Nail art and Yarnbombing

We created nail art using off cuts from roof trusses, panel pins and synthetic  yarn.  There weren’t many of us this week so luckily the noise we made wasn’t too intrusive to other users of the building.

Some of us knitted contributions to the Dementia Awareness Week yarnbomb in Boston as well as making a few pom poms.

Half way through the session we had this beautiful surprise visitor!  His name is Blue and he’s a very rare blue Macaw.  After having a nibble of my earrings, he sat on Dave’s shoulder to supervise his work

parrott 2


Session 10 – Tues 29 March – Nature Prints

We welcomed 6 from Apple Trees Reablement Centre today  and Sophie from the Dementia Support Network. We began the session hammering leaves to create prints on fabric, using a newspaper pad underneath to deaden the noise a little.

Then using fabric paint and wood block stamps, the group created a leaf pattern through the seasons from the brightest spring green to winter brown.

Fluorescent markers were used to add finer detail.

I will machine the fabric pieces together to create a wall hanging for Apple Trees to exhibit.





Session 11 – Tues 5 April – Headdresses & Games

I’d just finished sewing the wall hanging in time to take to the last session of Programme 1; Jenny from Apple Tree Reablement Centre held it up for everyone to see if they could spot their contribution – luckily we’d printed names on each one as they all looked very similar!

photo (16)

After tea and cake, we all had a go at playing with the old games I’d found – Jacks, Flip the Fish (very hard) and Flick the Frog. Joan was especially good at this one, I just managed to land them on the pile of Brownies!

photo (17)

We finished the day by making our own headdresses from neoprene and reflective card. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to get a pic of the wonderful creations, you’ll just have to use your imagination.


SLEAFORD SESSIONS PROGRAMME 2 – second programme of 11 weekly creative sessions begin Tuesday 27 September 10-12pm at the Salvation Army Hall

Lincolnshire CVS Newsbite report of art and dementia sessions:

An exhibition is being held celebrating art and craft work created by people with dementia at a string of free sessions.Four programmes of 11 sessions each have been held since April for those living with dementia and their carers, two in Grantham and two Sleaford.

Participants included residents and staff from care homes as well as those from the wider community.

Staff and up to five residents from Oakdene Care Home, Sleaford, were among those who attended in the town each week.

Donna Hasnip, activity coordinator, said: “They were absolutely brilliant. The residents just loved it.

“It was the talking point of the whole day when they had been and come back. It is such a shame they have stopped.

“We were all learning something different we had never done before and the residents had great fun. They were using their hands – getting their hands moving and just getting out. The residents don’t get out a lot especially at this time of the year so it was great to take them out in the fresh air and then be somewhere warm.

“They created things and got to bring those away with them as well. Some they have given as gifts, others they have kept in their rooms.

“And now it’s great to have the exhibition showing their hard work and talent.”

The creative sessions were delivered by socially engaged artist Carol Parker, supported by Lincolnshire Community and Voluntary Service (LCVS) and funded by Lincolnshire’s Dementia Support Fund.

In Sleaford, they were held at Riverside Church and the Salvation Army Hall and in Grantham, Jubilee Church Life Centre.

Sessions included a broad range of art form and techniques including: printing, clay, weaving, wire and plaster figurative sculpture, collage, action painting, felt making, mosaic and extreme cross stitch.

In Grantham, carers and clients from Apple Trees Care and Reablement Centre were regular attenders.

During one of the creative sessions, participants in each area worked on a collaborative piece of art work to take back and display at their venue – Oakdene created a collage ‘Mindscape’ and Apple Trees a fabric printed wall hanging.

“The exhibition is on until December 20 so if you’re passing by please do pop in and take a look and please leave a message in the comments book as we really value your feedback.”Carol Parker said: “The emphasis was very much on enjoyment of the process of making rather than finished product, however there was just so much wonderful art work created that the groups agreed to a small exhibition of their work.

The week-long exhibition is being hosted by Oakdene Care Home, Eastgate, Sleaford and runs until Tuesday, December 20.

Carol is also delivering creative sessions in Spalding and Boston and next year will add Louth and Lincoln to the list.

If you are a care home or community group interested in Carol coming to your venue, please email her for more information.

Get LCVS news, including free courses and training, funding and volunteering opportunities, direct to your inbox: LCVS NewsBit


Participants’ work from the Sleaford and Grantham sessions is now on display at Oakdene Care Home in Sleaford; the work includes ‘Mindscape’ a large collaborative collage to individual clay mini heads.  Please do pop in if you’re passing and don’t forget to leave a comment in the book, we value your feedback.

Tracey Gray Lincolnshire CVS Health Trainer who supported me in the sessions


Sleaford participants ‘Mindscape’ yarn collage


Just a small selection of the many clay mini heads…..and resting cat


SLEAFORD Programme 2 Session 11 – Tues 6 December – Christmas Party and Exhibition

To celebrate the end of 2 successful programmes of art work with those living with dementia and their carers in Sleaford, we held a Christmas party.  Everyone got a small gift and enjoyed a tasty brunch with non alcoholic cocktails.

There will be an exhibition of some of the work produced during the two programmes at Oakdene Care Home in Sleaford, please do drop by if you’re passing.



SLEAFORD Programme 2 Session 10 – Tues 29 November – Sketching and Mark Making

It was all about patterns and colour today as participants created their own overlapping marks and went wild with the Sharpies!


SLEAFORD Programme 2 Session 9 – Tues 22 November – Clay

Mini clay heads today. Using two colours of clay, participants used their creative imaginations to sculpt; sometimes the heads ended up looking like someone they knew and sometimes rather other worldly!

Reticence at handling the cold clay was soon overcome as it warmed in gentle hands; nimble fingers were soon pinching the clay to produce features and adding extra material, using water to secure, for hair and eyes.  We all had great fun comparing our clay creations.


SLEAFORD Programme 2 Session 8 – Tues 15 November – Extreme Cross Stitch




SLEAFORD Programme 2 Session 7 – Tues 8 November – Collaborative yarn installation


SLEAFORD Programme 2 Session 6 – Tues 1 November – Christmas Cards

The festive season came early to Sleaford this morning….we created individually designed, contemporary cards with a personal message inside.  Free choice was give as to colour, texture and design of card, which were made 3D using mountboard and velcro.


…..the sequin box proved very attractive


SLEAFORD Programme 2 Session 5 – Tues 25 October – Textiles

We made textile mini wreaths today using fabric strips in a variety of textures and colours. 3 residents from Oakdene care home accompanied by 3 carers, had free choice of colour and pattern, tying each strip onto a polystyrene ring.

When completely covered, participants were invited to choose a coloured bell(s) to add to their work and had the opportunity to make a woolly pom pom using the artist’s own accessible equipment.

It was suggested that a loop could be added so the wreath could be hung on a door or the wreaths could be used as table decoration.

One male participant chose to wind the textile strips around the hoop to cover it and then made several pom poms to hang below.  3 lengths of cord were attached by request so the mobile could be hung.




SLEAFORD Programme 2 Session 4 – Tues 18 October – Mosaic

4 participants from Oakdene Care home today accompanied by 4 members of staff/carers. I explained the technique of mosaic and showed examples.  Participants were given free choice as to colour, design and individual preference: one lady preferred to lay the tiles the wrong way round as she liked the texture of the webbing and ridges in the tiles.

This was also a new technique for staff/carers so all participants learnt and explored the activity together.






Finished tiles grouted


SLEAFORD Programme 2 Session 3 – Tues 12 October – cardboard sculpture

5 residents with their carers from Oakdene Care Home created some lovely shops from memory: a cinema with the Sound of Music showing; a pet shop and houses either side with their numbers; a very precise ‘Joan’s Parlour’ described beautifully by Peter – he remembered the name was written on the window glass instead of on a sign above the door.

The shops will be added to by the Grantham group in the afternoon to create a ‘Memory Town’ to share with others.




SLEAFORD Programme 2 Session 2 – Tues 4 October – Felt making

A large group learnt the skill of wet felting this morning using the colours of Autumn and shrinking the wet felt by throwing onto bubble wrap on the floor – great exercise for arms and hands.

The carers were going to display the felt back at the home once it was dry.



SLEAFORD Programme 2 Session 1 – Tues 27 September – Fabric printing with natural materials

Oakdene Care Home, 3 residents with dementia, 2 members of staff and one student on work experience.

The group printed onto cotton calico using fabric paint and leaves.  I showed participants several items that could be made from their printed fabric: a lavender pillow; a wrist or belt key ring filled with poly stuffing and a bookmark with fabric stiffener insert.





SLEAFORD SESSIONS – first programme of 11 weekly creative sessions begin Wednesday 13 April 1pm-3pm at the Riverside Church

Session 1 – Wed 13 April – Printed and folded books

The first session of Programme 1 in Sleaford took place at Riverside Church today from 1-3.

If you’re thinking of popping along next week, we’ll be outside at the front of the Church, next to the river if sunny and in a room round the back of the church if wet.

Slea 1

Session 2 – Wed 20 April – Printed books cont’d

We took advantage of a beautiful sunny day to set up tables next to the river and next to the Source cafe.



and continued with our printed books from the previous session.


One other good thing about being outside is that we can interact with people wandering by in the street if we wish; one lovely lady donated a huge bag of card making materials!

Sessions 3, 4 & 5 Apr 27, 4 May and 11 May

Unfortunately we have still to welcome any participants to the sessions in Sleaford, despite out efforts networking, distributing flyers, emailing various agencies, organisations and groups.

We demonstrated making clay heads outside to try and engage passers by

sleaford 1

and shared  information visually….

sleaford 2

Session 6 – Wed 18 May

This session was cancelled by the organisers

Session 7 – Wed 25 May

This session was cancelled by the organisers.  Remaining sessions will be taking place on a Tuesday from 10-12 same venue.

Session 8 – Tues 31 May 10-12 – Weaving

New participants this morning for a session of creative weaving…and would you believe it, two Peters and two Rosemarys!  Lots of interesting chat on places visited, the time went so quickly.


Session 9 – Tues 7 May – Wire Sculpture

Two new participants this morning who helped make this wire family.

sleaford 1

Session 10 – Tues 14 May – Felt

N and H tried felt making for the first time and both created beautiful sections of a Lincolnshire sky.




Session 11 – Tues 21 June – clay heads

We found plinths for our clay heads and then forgot them and left them behind – will remove next week if still there and if not, you’re very welcome to our art work, please enjoy x

slea 2

sleaf 1

Session 12 – Tues 28 June – Clay heads

2 participants today for the last Sleaford session of Programme 1.  Programme 2 starts Tues 27 September at the Salvation Army Hall from 10-12.

‘MEMORY LANE’ – series of 10 creative sessions for those living with dementia and their carers in Boston, Lincs.  Accesssible, fun sessions to increase well being and stimulate individual creativity

boston mem

Boston Big Local

Great write up by our ‘Memory Lane’ funders Boston BigtLocal

MEMORY LANE’ SESSIONS AT MAYFIELDS, BOSTON (monthly from 11 January 2017)

Session 32 – Wed 24 August – Rag rugging

Using strips of jersey fabric, group members began a large rag rug project…..I’m expecting it to be finished next time I visit (no pressure!).

photo 1

photo 2

Session 31 – Wed 15 June – Mixed media sculpture

The group used textiles and cardboard, separately and together to create 3D structures.

Using the prints on fabric remnants, group members used free embroidery to embellish the pattern.  No previous experience was required, having a pattern as a guide is helpful if you’re new to the craft and also allows space for those who are more experienced.

The craft of stitch and embroidery has been shown to lower blood pressure, lower stress levels, increase self confidence as stitches are mastered and stimulate the right hemisphere of the brain that is associated with creativity.

Andy isn’t keen on anything that involves textiles, so he worked on the cardboard 3D structure.

photo 1

photo 2

2 hours always flies by, most stitch work was completed, I just needed to stitch fabric to the back of the cardboard and insert a joining slot….here’s the finished work


Session 30 – Wed 10 May – Wire Work

Wire work by special request this week.   The group had the opportunity to explore different types of wire, experimenting with 3D shapes.

I had made an example flower and nailed it to a block of wood, most Memory Lane participants created their own flower and then made different designs: a butterfly, a duck in flight and a wonderful abstract tree.

Boston Mayflower will be attending the Lincolnshire Show on 21/22 June, Memory Lane project worker Debbie Broadley said she would take the wire ‘flower box’ along and encourage visitors to make one of their own.

photo 1 (1)

photo 1

photo 2 (1)

photo 2

photo 3 (1)photo 3



Session 29 – Wed 26 April – Papier Mache

‘Would you like a sardine or a minnow?’ was the first question for the group this morning.

Using scrunched newspaper and masking tape, they turned flat cardboard fish into 3D, covered with 2 layers of papier mache.

There were brushes for those who weren’t keen on getting sticky or the option to use hands.  They all supported each other.  The fish were left at the venue and will be dry for painting when they next meet; great for hanging on a bathroom wall.

photo 3

photo 5

photo 4

photo 2

Session 28 – Wed 8 March – Action Painting

The group so enjoyed action painting last time that they requested another go….there were also several new members who had missed the activity and were keen to discover what it was!

Some really beautiful work was produced, participants having free choice of design, colour and techniques used – they even made up some of their own.

photo 2 (2)

photo 3 (1)

photo 2 (1)

photo 1 (1)

Session 27 – Wed 22 February – Clay Imprints

So lovely to be back with my Memory Lane friends; numbers still constant, both male and female.  10 participants, 2 project workers and a representative from Boston College.

We ‘played’ with air dried clay, imprinting with lace and crochet doilies to create layered patterns.  Some used plastic bowls and cups to mould the imprinted clay into vessels others cut the patterned clay to produce pieces to hang.





Session 26 – Wed 11 January – Potato Printing





Session 25 – Wed 14 December – Extreme Cross Stitch

Session 24 – Wed 9 November – Greetings Cards

Session 23 – Wed 12 October – Printing with Natural Materials


Session 22 – Wed 14 September – Dreamcatchers

Using a variety of colourful and tactile materials, participants created their own individually designed dreamcatcher to take home.

Polystyrene rings were wrapped tightly in strips of fabric and yarn with a cobweb pattern across the circle.

A choice of ribbon, cord and leather strips were hung from the bottom of the covered circle with beads and feathers attached.  A heavy metal washer or bead was attached to the end of each hanging piece for added weight.

The room was heavy with concentration and the time went so quickly!  We welcomed 2 new participants.



Session 21 – Wed 20 August Environmental Art

It was great to catch up with everyone after such a long break and to find out what they’d been up to – a slightly prolonged coffee and chat session was necessary especially as there were homemade cakes, thanks Marti.

On the activity table, I’d laid out piles of leaves, flower petals, twigs , grasses and seed heads.  I demonstrated to the group how to sew leaves together to create a curtain using leaf stalks and alium seed heads.

photo (2)

Then we hung our art outside in the garden so others could share it and let it slowly disappear, blown and shredded by the wind and scorched by the sunlight

photo (17)photo (13)

photo (21)

There was the opportunity to save the colour of the leaves and flower petals by laminating them to take home

photo (20)

Session 20 – Wed 13 July – Action Painting

Jackson Pollock inspired our creative session today….the group were a little tentative to begin with but were soon dripping, squirting and throwing paint onto canvas while the upbeat music helped us lose ourselves in the sheer joy of colour and mark making

photo (9)

photo (10)

photo (11)

The vibrancy of the blues and purples in Andy’s work were amazing; he also found that he could drum on the canvas with the paintbrush so this is really a sound art piece!  Once dry we hope all 3 canvasses will be displayed on the walls of our work room at Mayfields.

photo (12)

Session 19 – Wed 22 June – book making

photo (11)

photo (19)

photo (12)

photo (15)

photo (16)

Session 18 – Wed 8 June – Positive Stitched Messages

We stitched positive messages today inspired by a project devised by Betsy Greer, see details here




Those who didn’t want to stitch used magnetic words on a metal board to form creative phrases…..writing their own words too!  Thanks Carole Miles for the words, they were part of your ‘From Lincolnshire and Back’ contribution that got left behind!



Session 17 – Wed 25 May – Weaving

Creative weaving today with an eclectic mix of reflective and colourful fabric and ribbon. Group member Joyce asked for today’s theme to be ‘sparkly’ so we all arrived with sequin and jewel covered tops and twinkly jewellery.  Our weavings reflected the theme too, with strips of organza, silver mesh and sequin encrusted fabric.

There was a wide variety of material to weave into, from plastic garden fencing to more flexible fluorescent pink mesh to suit all abilities.





Session 16 – Wed 11 May – Felt making

Full house today.The group had asked if they could do felt making again so I took in soap bars and some fabric and synthetic fibres for those who wanted to make flat pieces

bost 2

bost 4

bost 7

There was some great design work going on in the ‘man corner’….Dave and Andy made a maquette from balsa wood for a large scale sculpture we hope to complete – they even added measurements!

bost 3

bost 1

Session 15 – Wed 27 April – Percussion instruments and singing

Andy agreed to sing us some sea shanties, we made some percussion instruments so we could play along

shanty 1

shanty 2

Session 14 – Wed 13 April – Built Architectural Forms

Great to be back with the Memory Lane group!  We had an extended coffee and biscuit catch up and several members had brought in more contributions to the Dementia Awareness Week knit installation in Boston town centre.

For the activity, I’d prepared some building sections to be covered in fabric and joined together by group members – they  were so glad to be back ‘making’ again that they made several each and even took some home to work on!

Andy was very pleased to see I hadn’t forgotten him – he had his own box of bits to build with: balsa wood, wood offcuts, hammer, nails, wood glue etc., he was keen to work on his pieces some more at home in his shed.

The ‘houses’ will be personalised with objects and pictures and then grouped together as an installation on board.





Session 13 – Wed 23 March – Mosaic and Knit Installation

boston 5

boston 4

Session 12 – Wed 9 March 2016 – Mosaic and Knit Installation

Today we worked on the design for the 3 panels for the Boston public art mosaic

photo (100)

photo (101)

Session 11 – Wed 24 February 2016 – Mosaic and Knit Installation

Fiona from Box of Frogs provided pre cut boards for the group to complete their own mosaics.  An image/text transfer will be fired onto the white tile, taken from design work the previous session.

The group are very excited about the public art commission for Boston.

Joyce loves colour

photo (79)

Great idea to fill the top of the arch with circles Andy

photo (78)

Sarah needs lots of patience for the arch shape

photo (77)

Betty remembers her husband Dick

photo (76)

RAF colours for Norma

photo (75)

Helping each other to glue the pieces in place

photo (74)

Some of the finished mosaics, they will look fantastic with finished image transfer tiles in place

photo (72)

A vibrant choice of mosaic tile…..Paolozzi would be very jealous

photo (80)

Andy spotted this sign in the corner of the room and felt it was one of his strengths!

photo (71)

Session 10 – Wed 10 February 2016 – Knit installation & public art mosaic

So many exciting things happening that we had a change of planned session activity this week.

The Memory Lane group have been invited to contribute to a large scale public art work for Boston.  I will be working with mosaic artist Fiona Gurney to complete the work.  Many thanks to Ian Farmer for this opportunity to raise awareness of dementia and showcase the group’s creativity….they’ve already started thinking about the design for their individual pieces and the wall has been chosen!

The group also decided they would like to contribute to Dementia Awareness Week in May by creating an installation to decorate an area of Boston.  They are busy knitting and crocheting squares, flowers and forgetmenots.  We now have a plan of the site where we have permission to install our work  and can’t wait to transform it with a riot of colour!

The installation will be taken down after a few days, if left the knitting will start to sag very unattractively in the rain…..






Alan’s wife says he can’t knit……seems that memory of knitting dishcloths has returned


Bored with just knitting a square, Joyce decided to knit in a few flowers – inspired!





Session 9 – Wed 27 January 2016 – printing

We were very pleased to welcome our funders to the session this morning; Rachel Lauberts and Richard Tory of Boston Big Local.   Once the group were seated with their cups of tea, Rachel told us the good news that BBL would be extending our funding.  To say we were pleased just doesn’t cut it really.

We welcomed three new ladies from Westfield Care Home in Boston, Betty, Norma and Gill with their support worker Vicky.  As we were such a large group we wore name badges to remind us who everyone was – however this  didn’t help me as I still called everyone by the wrong name!

Once we’d all got to know each other, we moved to the messy table to finish off our wind chimes from the week before and do some printing. We created textured stamps by wrapping yarn around wood blocks, used pre carved wood stamps, quickprint and various objects to create interesting marks with paint onto thick watercolour paper.

The paper was folded and cut in the centre to produce a book.  We then used pre-cut pictures of flowers, birds, people etc to stick in our books to tell a story, the things we liked or that said something about us.  Some printed their names with letter stamps using the ink pads.  Everyone took their books home so they could add more to them.

The group are hoping to take part in an art installation in Boston town centre.  We need to discuss the project with various partners in order to get the go ahead…we’re all very excited!

boston dem 03boston dem 02

Andy decided to attach his clay crocodile to his wind chime….and why not?!

boston dem 01

Session 8 – Wed 13 January 2016 – wrapped twig and clay wind chimes

Lovely to see everyone after the long Christmas break.  The group  were so keen to get started that they chose to have their tea and coffee at the work table.  We welcomed a new visitor, Mary who was accompanied by her son.

The previous day I’d cut some corkscrew hazel twigs from my garden  and wrapped a couple of them with natural, synthetic, fluorescent and neon yarn to accentuate their beautiful shape. After foraging about in my studio, I found a few clay ‘buttons’ left over from a bulk order made for me by Fiona from and attached them to create a colourful wind chime.

twig 2

The group chose to start with covering their twig and save the messy clay work until afterwards…a wise choice as clean hands were needed!




Once the twigs were covered, everyone rolled out a piece of clay and cut their chosen shapes, making a hole in each one so they could be secured with fishing line once dry – we’ll complete them at the next session, we hope to be able to hang a few from the tree in the courtyard at the venue.

Session 7 (last one for 2015, start again Wed 13 Jan 2016) – Wed 9 December – Decorate Paper Pulp Bowls

As this was the last session for 2015, it was a great excuse to celebrate all things…the time of year, success of the group, new relationships….. so our coffee and catch up session included an old fashioned ‘pass the parcel’ with chocolate for everyone, wonderful cakes and savouries made by Debbie (some even in response to personal requests!) and crackers were pulled with an ‘open mic’ session for the first class jokes at the end of our activity.

photo (27)

It was a great pleasure to welcome Alan, Phyllis, Olive and Sarah to the group.  They’d heard about us through the local press and a Dementia Awareness event at Boston College – so thanks to both of those, we look forward to meeting you again in January.

The paper pulp bowls had dried beautifully from the previous session. Marti had taken some spare pulp home with her to make some more bowls with Carol (the other Carol!); these were brought in along with some spares – which they shared with other group members.  Those without a bowl were shown how to create figures with aluminium wire.

Andy was the man with the power drill and kindly made holes in everyone’s bowls so they could thread wire, raffia, string and wool through and attach chosen embellishments around the rim.

The group discussed whether they would like to take items made during the year home with them, or leave them with me to be exhibited alongside my other project at Moulton Windmill, near Spalding – they all decided on the exhibition.  The work will be on show from 10-18 December, Thurs-Sun only, from 10-4.  The Mill also has an on-site cafe and offers tours of the tallest windmill in the country.

See you all in January x



Session 6 – Wed 25 November – Paper Pulp Sculpture and Stitched Postcards (Visible Mending Exhibition)

We sculpted with a different material this week, paper pulp.  The group mixed the recycled paper mash with white glue to create a wonderful, tactile modelling material.

Upturned plastic bowls were used as a mould, they will be removed next session when the pulp is dry.

ML pulp 3

ML pulp 4

mixing the glue into the pulp was the best bit!

ML pulp 1

When we’d finished moulding our bowls, remaining pulp was used to create relief work on MDF tiles

ML pulp 5 ML pulp 2

After a good clean up, we settled down to a cuppa and to finish our stitched postcards for the Visible Mending Exhibition

mland vis mend


Next session when the bowls are dry, we’ll decorate!

Session 5 – Wed 11 November – Wire Sculpture and Stitched Postcards (Visible Mending Exhibition)

We welcomed two new members to our group this morning, Sophie and Carol.

Following feedback at the previous session, today’s activity was changed to wire sculpture.  Using soft aluminium wire, the group created figures that were secured to wooden plinths with staples. The person with the hammer really enjoyed making a noise while the rest of the group put their fingers in their ears!

al 3

We were able to show different emotions by creating different body shapes and positions.

al 1 al 2

photo (2)

For the second half of the session the group had the opportunity to darn, stitch or embellish a postcard to be included in the Visible Mending Exhibition

The postcard exhibition will be posted to Bridport Arts Centre in February 2016 to be part of the ‘Mending Revealed’ show.

Introducing Andy and Mu.  Andy is a skilled craftsman and Mu is full of fun….more members introduced in the next blog update

As Mu says:

‘I have dementia but I’m still me!’

photo (8)

Session 4 – Wed 28 October – Paper Collage

A very wet day but everyone turned up for today’s session.  We enjoyed a coffee and catch up before settling down to the activity, paper collage.


ml4col 1 col 2 col 4 col 5

col 6 col 7 col 8 col 9 col 11

Participants had created wonderful story lines around their images so that every picture really did tell a story.

We now have a beautiful way to display our felt pebbles…..Andy created this in his garage workshop from a solid piece of wood, the grooves and hollows provide perfect homes for our 3D creations, thanks Andy!


The wood looks fantastic both with and without the pebbles!


We’ll soon be needing a venue for an exhibition with all this work we’re producing….here are the clay heads and tiles from previous sessions

ml8 ml7

and of course our wall hanging


Once we’d completed our collage, I introduced the group to my Visible Mending Exhibition inviting them to contribute a postcard.  It will be posted to Bridport Arts Centre, Dorset in February 2016 to be included in ‘The Nature of Mending Show’ and their work will travel with it.

see more on the Visible Mending Exhibition here

During our feedback discussion, we decided we’d like to try our hand at soldering at the next session using aluminium wire and if we enjoy it we may even create a large sculptural piece – lights and movement were mentioned…watch this space!

Session 3 – Wed 14 October – Clay nature  prints

Another great session with everyone joining in.  We drank tea and coffee made by Sandra and tried to work out how an old table cover from the Memory Box had been made; was it tatting or crochet?  What was tatting?  No-one could remember, so I searched for it on my iPad and showed the group lots of images….’ah that’s it, I remember!’

Time to make, air dried clay today.  Joyce said handling the clay reminded her of her schools days and using plasticine, she enthusiastically created 3 tiles!

ML 1

We rolled and pressed…


moulded and designed….


and lost ourselves for a while!


While we were working, we chatted about the importance of the sessions; the joy of making and meeting friends old and new and how it made us feel good;  giving a sense of achievement and lifting spirits.

The group also discussed how they might attract new members and decided word of mouth would probably work best, so we’re all going to tell our networks.

The completed wall hanging was placed on the wall to personalise the space – luckily I’d used a hanging pole that was flexible enough to bend along the curved wall.  Everyone was pleased to see their pebble was in place and hadn’t been washed away by the tide


Next session is on Wed 28 October, we’ll be creating collaged mixed media landscapes, feel free to pop along and join in or just have a cuppa and see if it’s for you.

Session 2 – Wed 23 September – Felt wall hanging

Great to see everyone returned for today’s session of hand rolled felt.  Paula from Trinity Church in Boston joined us this morning.  Debbie had managed to find a spare CD player so we had some tunes playing while we worked.

We all had a look at the items in the Memory Box to see what places and people they reminded us ofmem1

before making a start on our flat wet felt


I’d created a pre felt Memory Lane wall hanging but it required lots of individual creativity from the group to create the beautiful coloured stepping stones in the river.

To shrink the felt we threw the wet material down onto bubble wrap – lots of soapy splashes on those who were sitting too close; Andy was so enthusiastic it was difficult to get a good photo without it just being a blur of activity!

‘It’s so good to play!’ declared one participant


Once it had been rinsed and towel dried, the group cut pebble shapes from their felt and placed them on the wall hanging.


Another cuppa and then on to the 3D pebbles – stones wrapped with soft Merino wool fibres which we felted in our hands while we chatted.  The colourful soft stones are going to be displayed in a wooden river bed (you’ll just have to wait and see!).


Session 1 – Wed 9 September – Taster Session

Great first taster session on Wed 9 September.  We created clay heads of each other and wet felted tactile and perfumed bars of soap.  The group decided on activities for the rest of the sessions which will definitely include Glenn Miller, dancing and singing!  It was brilliant news that staff member Sandra will be joining us for the sessions.

Lots of making, tea and coffee drinking and laughter.  Newcomers welcome, contact Debbie (details on flyer below) if you’re interested.

Memory Lane 1st session

Memory Lane 1st session 2

Starting Wednesday 9 September, I will be delivery a series of 10 creative sessions for those living with dementia and their carers in supported with funding from Lincolnshire County Council, Boston Big Local and Boston Mayflower


‘MAKING FOR MEMORY’ – creative session for those living with dementia and their carers in South Holland Feb-March 2015

I have secured funding from South Holland ward councillors for a series of 6 creative sessions for those with early stage dementia and their carers in February and March 2015.

M4M flyer pink

Art form included: clay, felt making, collage, printing

demen 2

demen 2demen 4demen 6

photo (34)

‘HERE FOR YOU’ Patients Participation Group, Holbeach

We are grateful yet again to South Holland Ward Councillors for additional funding for a ‘Making for Memory’ session at the ‘Here for You’ Dementia group in Holbeach.  The group is organised by the Littlebury Patients Participation Group.

We’re not used to having assistants, so were over the moon that Jade and Georgia from Holbeach Academy joined us as experience for their Health and Social Care course.

Participants had a great time mixing paint, printing and generally getting messy and remembering how to play. The Here for You group is a supportive and caring place and is obviously very important to all that attend; many feel the effects that rural isolation can bring and appreciate the regular sessions.

hol demen 1

Forward Footing – Lottery funded project Mon 24 August on my allotment

Had a great time working with Miles and Dacombe who brought their funded project to my allotment plot on Monday 24 August.  I contacted the Dementia Support South Lincs group that I’d worked with previously and we all enjoyed a making session followed by a leisurely walk around the allotment choosing a place to display our work.  A picnic lunch was followed by another practical session, to create a collaborative allotment sculpture – art in the outdoors just doesn’t get any better!

See flyer for details

Forward Footing flyer

Synergy Lincs – Arts Council England funded project Jan 2015

During our Grants for the Arts funded project  SYNERGY we delivered free workshops in Spalding at Ayscoughfee Hall Museum and other venues.  Some were pre-booked workshops for our main target groups, the elderly and those living with long term ill health and dementia and some were on a drop-in basis.  All work produced during the sessions was exhibited alongside our own in the final 3 week exhibition at Ayscoughfee Hall Museum.

synergy leaves wake-house1

See the project blog for more details and images

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