Yarnbombs, commissions, installations

Yarnbomb for Boston, Lincs

Created for Dementia Awareness Week 2016, contributed to by the local community, Memory Lane art and dementia group and artists and crafts people across the UK

yarn 3

photo credit Debbie Broadly

yarnbomb 1

photo credit Longstaff housing

Mosaic for Boston, Lincs 

A large 5 panelled commission was completed for Dementia Awareness Week 2016.  I collaborated with Fiona Gurney of Box of Frogs Mosaics and worked with the Memory Lane art and dementia group in Boston who created the central image and text line across all panels. 

Funded by Boston Borough Council, Lincolnshire County Council, Boston Big Local, Carlton Road Neighbourhood Action Group and Witham Central

bostonmos1Bostonmos2bost mos 4

photo credit Fiona Gurney

bost mos 5

photo credit Fiona Gurney

May 2014 – Shortlisted for Kew!

Having seen a brilliant knit commission at Kew, I hastily emailed my proposal and just got in before the deadline.    I was pleased to hear  I’d been shortlisted, one of four from a much larger than expected bundle of submissions.

Unfortunately I heard today that I wasn’t successful, but hey, I’m just happy to have been considered.  I think it’s great that Kew are embracing yarnbombing for such a high profile event as their summer festival and I wish the successful knitter all the best, I’m sure it will look amazing.

Here’s my tree cosy design that took their eye….


My commission for In the Woods Festival, London 2013

IN THE WOODS   Hand rolled wet felt and needle felted jewellery

tribal 1

green felt necklace felt necklace 106

felt necklace aqua 4


felt necklace aqua 2

felt necklace green 2

felt necklace 105 felt necklace 101 felt necklace 102 rosehip earrings

A selection of work……also have a passion for spontaneous paper, cardboard and yarn wrapped forms and f igures,  they’re many and transient!

Paper pulp vessel decorated with hand made and dyed paper and torn paper shapes ‘Arable’ needle felted merino fibres ‘Carnival’ wet felted merino fibres with fabric, threads and surface stitching ‘Trees’  hand knitted, free standing light sculptures

ybomb ducks

yarnbombed ducks waiting to jump in!

002 (2)







Yarnbomb at the market in Market Rasen to raise awareness of their Portas Pilot success and fantastic market

imapieceMy contribution to #imapiece  http://www.telegraph.co.uk/women/womens-politics/9927574/Meet-the-women-quietly-crafting-their-own-revolution.html?fb.  The project was organised by Sarah Corbett of Craftivist Collective   BH 7  Bracebridge Heath Torch Relay eventEDL yarnbomb Bristol 3   Yarnbomb contribution to rally against EDL in Bristol   003I was lead artist, producer and adviser for ‘Plank 2013’ Market Rasen Arts Festival & was commissioned to deliver a whole high street yarnbomb…here are just some of the installations.  Thanks to the local youth who guarded them with pride this was one of the longest ever times one of my yarnbombs has stayed in situ.

Work was completed by myself with the help of the Market Rasen community, contributions from the surrounding area and postal donations from the yarnstorming knitwork.   http://yarnstorming.co.uk/

006009011013032035039041042023   Lincoln Drill Hall commission         Lincoln Drill Hall           National Centre for Craft and Design commission   National Centre for Craft and Design commission       Yarnbombed bridge and others at ‘Beam’ Lincoln young peoples’ festival

Yarnbomb for SO festival Skegness

Ayscoughfee Hall Museum


Yarnbombs Spalding

ybomb pombomb

2 pics of a pombomb at The Spinney, Little Bytham

ybomb ouch

Visibly mended yarnbomb

4 thoughts on “Yarnbombs, commissions, installations

  1. +
    Di Reid Hi Carol, Di Reid here ( giles) like the site and your work...great colour and texture. How do you fancy having a stall at our church craft fair that I'm setting up? It's free on 20 th October. says:

    Hi Carol, like the site and your work…great colour and texture. .

    • hello you! thanks for your lovely comments…nothing in diary for that date yet so I don’t see why not. do you want me to see if any other artists would like to take part or have you got plenty? I could post it on the Lincs Artist Forum fb page. carol x

  2. im currently studying art textiles at a level and im interested in doing a recreation of your work. please could you email me your full name and some background information on how you create your pieces and what inspires you to do so.
    Many Thanks
    Ashleigh McWilliams

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