Session 5, 28 January 2017 – Dementia Cafe, Louth

A very keen group of 14 with lots of stamina so we got through a lot of felt making today! I began with a demonstration of how to felt soap.  Two tables got to work, supporting each other and chatting as their hands moulded the wet felt onto the soap bars.

After a welcome cup of tea, I demonstrated flat felting, showing how to lay down the base layers and then decorate.  As you can see from the image below, it was a very busy afternoon.


As all were felting for the first time, I was incredibly impressed with the work they produced.  Several participants were planning to frame their work.


Who can resist the wonderful colours of the Merino wool fibre.


Session 4, 26 January 2017 – GP Referral Session, Lincoln

Unfortunately cancelled due to lack of GP referrals.

Session 3, 21 January 2017 – GP Referral Session, Louth

Unfortunately cancelled due to lack of GP referrals.

Session 2, 18 January 2017 – Neale Court Care Home, Lincoln – Felt Soap

I spent a lovely afternoon felting soap with 4 residents (plus several observers) and 1 member of staff at Neale Court Care Home this afternoon; the perfume of Coal Tar, Palmolive and Lavender filled the TV lounge!

Participants with varying stages of dementia; one non-verbal, one partially sighted and one advanced.  All engaged and enjoyed the material achieving a felt soap to keep. Many past skills were evident in the way the felt was worked and the rhythmic movements used. Staff member’s involvement enabled all participants to be supported.  One engaged observer received his own felt soap just for being there and was very pleased.



Session 1, 7 January 2017 – Dementia Cafe, Louth – Extreme Cross Stitch

Cultural Solutions are coordinating an ‘Arts on Prescription’ pilot programme in Louth and Lincoln; I’ll be delivering creative sessions for various groups in both areas.

Today I headed up to the Trinity Centre in Louth for 2 hours of extreme cross stitch with the Dementia Cafe run by Jayne Pegg.  I’d made pegboard type boards with various size holes and spacings to suit beginners and also those wanting something a little more challenging.  There were various plastic needle sizes too.

The group had free choice as to board, needle, colour of yarn and pattern – I emphasised that they wouldn’t be judged on their finished product, it was all about enjoying and playing with the materials, there weren’t any rules.  Although it was called ‘extreme cross stitch’ it was OK to go off plan and create their own stitches!

The group of 10 plus Jayne worked for the whole 2 hours, not even stopping for their refreshment break and while hands were busy conversation flowed.  We got to know lots of information not known previously about group members; two members had been nurses in previous careers and ‘J’ and his wife were both scientists when they met.


Individual patterns were created…..


‘B’ below worked really hard to finish her ‘HOME’ cross stitch, it was touch and go whether she’d be finished in time but she battled on despite aching shoulders and sweat pouring from her brow, true dedication to the craft!  Well done ‘B’.


when you first showed us the activity I didn’t think I’d be able to do it’…..said the lady on the left and then she created this amazing herringbone type pattern!     Thank you Jayne Pegg, I had a lovely time and I’m looking forward to my next session on 28 January.