Day of darning…

After a full on few months of work what better way to chill out than with a bit of mending.  I noticed that the National Centre of Craft and Design’s learning programme included a day workshop with the inspiring ‘mending detective’ Celia Pym and what’s more amazing is that I actually managed to get round to booking a place.

I’ve always loved to darn, to mend, embellish and embroider worn, torn or even new items of clothing with thread – remember those denim jeans and shirts in the 70s, now a much sought after vintage buy, just wish I’d kept mine!

If you look closely, there a a few darns in my current project ‘Lost & Found’ now touring Lincolnshire and ‘The Visible Mending Exhibition’ is still touring to venues far and wide.

Stitching with Celia was a real treat, she gave you the space to work, enabling each participant to feel immediately comfortable and leave feeling fulfilled and wanting more.

You can find out more about Celia here

I needed a bold blast of colour to start with….

photo 1

but also loved the rhythmic patterns of working ‘Boro’, Japanese mended and patched fabric.  There’s something about working in just one colour for a change, lovely indigo shades of fabric and thread; items being patched up and repaired many many times.

photo 2

We explored the patterns you could create with Sashiko darning used to repair or strengthen garments.

My Grannie would be proud of me…just like the Japanese women, she would spend hours with her basket of left over yarns darning new life into old garments.  I feel a new project coming on….


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