Discovering the creative use of potatoes!

For ‘Lost & Found’ my current ACE funded project, we’re taking art sessions to care homes – we ‘play’ and experiment with a variety of techniques and materials.

A recent session on potato printing (which I as well as many of the older adults remember from our school days) led me to explore the different shapes and sizes of potato that are now available – too large and heavy would be difficult for some, while too small and fiddly may prove frustrating.  Sweet potatoes are brilliant, not only for their length which lends itself to intricate carving, but they are less slippery in the hand too.  Small and knobbly pink fir apple are great for detail and left long, easy to hold…..yep I’m becoming a bit of a potato geek!

Here are some of the individual fabric prints the groups have created so far.  With the makers permission they will be sewn together to create a wall hung banner for each care home as well as being included in the touring exhibition.

More info on the project and images from sessions can be found here



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