ACE funded ‘Lost & Found’ project 2D, 3D & digital with older adults

Regular participants and new ones joining each week, numbers pretty consistent at around 8-10.  Family members, staff and carers taking part in sessions.

Following a very successful potato print session, I had participants’ agreement to sew some of the pieces created into a textile banner for each care home.  As well as brightening up the environment, the banner would also celebrate and share participants’ work with other residents and visitors to the home.


Activity coordinators and care home staff on board with the training session on Saturday 29 April at Abbey Court in Bourne and all venues confirmed for the touring exhibition of participants’ and our work in 4 contemporary book structures from the end of April to mid July.

Mentoring by artist Guy Begbie has been inspiring and we’re really looking forward to our upcoming weekend in Wales at his studio – talking of studios, that’s where I should be!

If you’re interested in attending the free training session (priority will be given to participating care home staff but we will run a waiting list in case of cancellations or empty seats) please contact us at the email below and we’ll be in touch.

Following the confirmed exhibition tour, the books will then be available to tour to other host venues across the UK – if you would be interested in receiving the exhibition, please send us an email and we’ll add you to the touring programme …. Boston Borough Council you’re first on the list!


Project blog:

Facebook: Lost & Found Lincolnshire

Twitter: #LandFLincs



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