January sale of hand rolled felt necklaces

It’s amazing what a new year, a new project and a clear out of my studio results in! These necklaces were made for my Etsy shop 2014/15, although they were selling well, I had to close the shop due to increased work load – I just couldn’t give the shop the time it needed (not really sure why that last image is so tiny).

So although they’re all unworn and in great condition, they have been boxed up in my studio for a while so felt (sorry for pun!) it only fair to reduce the cost.

First come first served…..each necklace £25 including UK postage, just leave me a comment and I’ll DM you contact details and more pics if you want them, or email carolparker1@live.co.uk…over 50% reduction but I’d much rather see them being worn than in a box!

Only one of each available currently, but if you’d like a necklace in other colours and you’re not in a great rush for delivery (ie. not this week!), it can be done.

See all designs here https://uk.pinterest.com/socengage/carol-parker-my-work/














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