Craft4Memory Prog 3 Session 1 – Mon 5 Sept Crowland 55 Plus Group – Action Painting

15 participants today, 9 living with dementia or are carers/past carers of family members with dementia.

The tables had been cleared from lunch and the group were ready for their creative session. They were given the choice to either paint seated where they were or paint with the canvasses on the floor – they all chose to stay in their seats at a table.

I covered each of the 4 tables with polythene sheeting for protection and placed a large canvas on each one with a selection of different size paintbrushes and rollers, paint in tubes, bowls and spray bottles and different materials to create texture: sponges and plastic mesh.

I suggested it might be a good idea, especially for those who looked a little tentative, to cover the whole canvas in a background colour – it would get them started and ease the nerves!

Each table was given a colour scheme to represent mood: blue for calm, heather for reflective, orange for energised and a mixture of all colours for indecisive! However participants were told they could go off plan, sharing colours between them, there were no rules to this activity.

Kate Marshall, project officer for Dementia Support South Lincs, attended the session. She was so impressed by the group’s art work, that she invited them to exhibit the paintings at an event she’s organising shortly in her village. Well you never know what you can achieve until you take a small risk…..great work Crowland 55s Plus.

Barry became consultant ‘mesh sprayer’ as he was so good at it.

photo (8)


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