Artist networking ‘From Lincolnshire and Back’

Artists are exchanging work; there’s much excitement as new packages are received and opened.  Several Lincs artists have met up to show each other their inspirational postal gifts and the exchange of ideas, skills and support just continues……we’re meeting for a monoprint morning next week at one artist’s studio!

All images are now uploaded to the Pinterest board from the first exchange.  We are now working on the pieces we received and will be posting them off to other artists at the end of May.  This is proving to be so valuable…..artists living in isolated rural areas find there are few opportunities to network with others, to keep track of what’s happening in their field of work and stay informed of current projects, initiatives and exhibitions.  And we’re also challenging our working practice at the same time!

There will be an exhibition of work when it all finally returns to Lincolnshire, but it won’t mean the end of the project, it will continue to connect artists  regionally, nationally and internationally.

We’re encouraging other artists to get involved….more news about how you can do this soon.


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