From Lincolnshire and Back…..

Ooooh things are hotting up, work is being posted and artists are eagerly waiting to see what drops through their letter box or gets delivered on the back of a lorry!

From Lincolnshire and Back is a collaborative project between Lincolnshire artists and artists from elsewhere who have asked to be involved; it is unfunded.  It’s about connecting with artists, starting a dialogue, opening boundaries and seeing what happens.  We make no judgement about experience, art form, amateur or professional.  We just want to share our unfinished work with you and for you to send us some of yours for each other to complete…..and then post it back.

Exhibitions, visits, collaborative projects, group meet ups, afternoon teas, knowledge and skill sharing, new friends….who knows?

Enid Leckie, Lincs has posted work off for Kay Steven in Northumberland to add to

Liz Rance, Lincs has posted work off for Sofi Ona on the Isle of Lewis

I’ll be posting work off to Louise Baker in Somerset tomorrow, her work is already on the way to me

Jane Pullan’s work is on the way to Ruth Pigott – both in Lincs

Jacy Wall, Somerset has posted off to Di Reid in Lincs

photo (11)


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