From Lincolnshire and Back….

Following the success of my Visible Mending Project, I wanted to continue connecting with the artists who got involved in the project and the idea of an accessible gallery of work by post that could be exhibited anywhere; but also extend the range of art form, artist and audience member.

So, From Lincolnshire and back will develop from a small group of Lincolnshire artists who will create unfinished work which will be posted off to a willing artist recipient elsewhere to finish.  The recipient artist will also send off unfinished work of their own to the Lincolnshire artist. So backwards and forwards it goes with other artists brought into the pairing as they emerge……but always From Lincolnshire and back.

I will contact a few people that I know are interested to start the project going.  If you would like to be included in this unknown journey with blurry outcomes and postal surprises – then leave a comment below.

The deadline for the first unfinished piece of work to be posted off is Mon 13 April – if I make it any further ahead I’ll just forget so sorry for tight deadlines…but remember it’s unfinished after all!

Please make your work light, so cheap to post and either:

– rolled and sent in a tube

– small and boxed or jiffy bagged

I will be developing a database of willing partner artists, if you know any who would like to receive a package please let me know.

When the project has reached a natural end, the work can be exhibited in Lincolnshire and then toured to each recipient artist’s place of work.

Check out the Facebook page ‘From Lincolnshire and Back’ and watch our progress.


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