Synergy Lincs – Felt and 3D

I’m not going to write much about my felt piece….as someone said to me at the exhibition opening ‘oh that’s murky, not your usual vibrant colours’

It’s about labels and compartmentalising and the struggle to escape the rivets, barbed wire and boxes of conformity.  Enough said.

ays ex

The 3D work in the window alcove represents rural isolation. Communities represented by shed type buildings on individual stems with projections that don’t quite go anywhere or connect with each other forming the top of the reed bed.  Recognisable living forms mingle with unrecognisable – the accepted and not accepted.  The silent words of the hidden people who twist and turn in a never ending circle – are woven unheard below.

This is also about labels, identity and conforming, even the piece of wood I purchased has an identifying stamp on the end.  The figures and owls have been altered to remove theirs.

ays 7

My fabric book of stitched designs for the 4 pieces lays on the floor

ays 5


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