I’m hitting the studio!

Four journeys to the local tip and I can finally see the back wall of my studio!  I’ve chucked out all my old workshop materials (don’t fret, they really weren’t fit to be seen in any classroom or venue – a minimal restock is imminent), sorted yarns and threads onto racks and shelves and labelled boxes with various equipment and current material – rather than bits I’ve had for 20 years and never used.

At long last, I’ve managed to put my head in the right place and start making again.  It’s back to those vibrant wool fibres; needle felted and wet felted, plus some metal and metallic yarns I’ve been playing around with for a while.  I love the combination of different weight of material and the way one reflects while the other absorbs….

green felt necklace

Colour is always going to be my main inspiration and usually taken from the changing leaf or plant colour and pattern directly outside my studio door (or through the windows to save opening the door, which doesn’t actually have to be opened as it has a glass window too!).  The morning sunlight on the vibrant red Virginia Creeper today just begged to have a metal piece created – maybe a brooch?


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