Stitching at NCCD

I attended the ‘Stitching with Romeo’ day at NCCD on Saturday 28 June….I was slightly hesitant as I’m not a proficient sewing machine user by any means, but do love hand stitching and wanted to push my boundaries a little and challenge myself.   But on the other hand, I didn’t want to be the only one who wasn’t sure how to rewind their bobbin or rethread their machine – it’s been a while since I’ve taken its cover off!

Why do we worry so much?  It was a small class, most were using the NCCD sewing machines as we’d forgotten our embroidery feet (now I know what one of those looks like), so we all worked out the vagaries of the unfamiliar machines together.

Naseem Darbey, our tutor for the day, draws freehand with stitch onto water soluble fabric – Romeo, take a look at some of her amazing work here

I soon got lost in the hum of the machine, or in my case thud, mine was a little more vocal than others!  The sea of tiny stitches before your eyes became hypnotic and soon, layer by tiny layer, cross hatching and zigzagging, a network of thread was built up that could hold together without the supporting fabric.

From the drawing exercises to free up your hand and encourage observation to the wealth of inspirational pieces Naseem had brought for us to work from…..and of course the lovely Yorkshire chatter that kept us entertained and encouraged throughout the day – made this one of the best workshops I’ve had the pleasure to go to (and I’ve been to lots).

Keep your eyes open because Naseem will be returning to the NCCD soon.

Here’s my attempt at freehand machine stitching, inspiration taken from a butterfly wing, butterfly wing mark II will be uploaded soon as I’ve having another go, think this may become more than slightly addictive!:







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