Help create a Lincolnshire creative landscape map!

I’ve been working in the arts in Lincolnshire for over 20 years and during that time there has been one continuous area for development that I always hear….’if only we had a current database of artists’, ‘why isn’t there an online platform where we can showcase our work and services’, ‘how can rural artists stay connected’. We have many artist groups, arts initiatives, arts venues and organisations but as yet, I don’t think there’s anywhere that can join up all the dots and give an ‘arts map’ for the county. Maybe there’s a reason why this hasn’t happened?  Perhaps it’s been tried before and found to be unworkable?  Still no reason not to give it another go! Now by arts map, I mean art in it’s broadest sense.  A layered map of practitioners (local in one colour & those working in Lincs but from elsewhere in another), organisations, arts venues, artist groups, creative services (eg. architects)….and perhaps areas where funded projects have/are taking place.  And then of course there will be the ‘arts as a catalyst’ things: social media projects, art in empty shops and even art in sheds!

Lincolnshire is a recipient of Creative People and Places funding and we are surrounded on all sides by other CP&P areas: Doncaster, Northampton, Peterborough, to name a few, with all the creative opportunities this brings – how do we access opportunities in these other areas?  And more importantly, how do they know who we are!   Dots, dots and more dots to join!

We have a wealth of creative talent in our county but we seem very very quiet about it…..anyone want to get noisy with me?   And maybe this doesn’t have to be exclusively online, perhaps a physical mass, a meeting of Lincolnshire creative folk… arts rave!   Just a thought.


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