Stamford goes all Georgian

I had the pleasure of being invited to take part in Stamford’s Georgian Festival today.   The sun shone from my arrival at 9am to leaving at 4pm; the town was heaving with people and activities were taking place on every street corner, venue, market and open space.

Over 50 young people made miniature Georgian gardens on my market stall while their parents and grandparents reminisced about how they used to make their own on plates.   All ages worked silently…..lost in their own mini worlds of marble water features, twig fences and lonicera nitida vegetables!

This intriguing man with a hat was the first person I met so I thought he deserved a photo

stamford 7

and this man, with different hat, was hilarious….we had a very interesting conversation about Laudanum and how it’s good for frazzled brains!

stamford 9

Oh and there were ladies with hats too…….

stamford 8

Here’s my stall all set up for the day and still time to go and grab a coffee before activity starts

stamford 3

stamford 5

These are some of the very talented Georgian garden designers

stamford 10

stamford 11

stamford 12

stamford 13

stamford 15

stamford fest 1

These are some of the gardens waiting to be collected at the end of the day….and a very tired artist

miniature gardens

Close up of the gardens…from landscaped lawns with water features and follies to kitchen vegetable gardens

stamford 14

stamford 4

stamford 16

And when all the foil trays had been used, we made paper aeroplanes……still following the Georgian theme of course.   We used the pages of Jane Austen novels that I’d picked up in a charity shop the day before…..I came close to selling one of the books, but decided to give it away as he seemed a very keen Austen enthusiast.

stamford 6


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