1000 Years of Craft at Lincoln Castle

22 June was rather wet…..the marquee was dry but unfortunately the weather kept the expected crowds away, either that or the admission fee.  Some stallholders had not turned up which left huge gaps in a very large space.   I never read things properly, I assumed the much advertised European stone carving would be in the Castle grounds, but it was at the Cathedral….and free.   No signage, either to help stall holders navigate Lincoln’s particularly confusing road system or let visitors know who was in which tent….and well done to the people that found the Heritage Centre!  And were we meant to be demonstrating or selling?

Now considering all the above, quite a few people came and there was some sun amongst the rain showers.   I think the large craft marquee was a wrong move but then I’ve no idea what led to that decision.   The year before there had been lots of individual gazebos and smaller marquees dotted around the grounds, it seemed more vibrant.

Unfortunately I couldn’t return for the second day but I hope for my fellow stall holders the numbers improved.

Here’s some pics of the Saturday

1000 yrs 1

1000 yrs 2

1000 yrs 8

1000 yrs 7

1000 yrs 3


Gorgeous little friend playing with my wool!

1000 yrs 4


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