On Saturday 15 June I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to shadow artist Tim Denton http://www.timdenton.info/ at the first showing of some little machines that did fantastically whacky drawings!    The venue was Boston Stump where they generously allowed us to take up an area by the cafe and fill the floor with boards, sheets of A3 paper and the gizmos with their very own personalities.

The drawing machines have been made for Transported and I’m sure will be used again and again throughout the project.   Keep checking the Transported website http://www.transportedart.com/ for future dates when Tim will be ‘popping up’ around the region.

photo (45)

the gizmos…each one created a different kind of mark, a different noise and a different movement

Tim Denton

the artist, deep in thought

tim denton 3

wonderful light coming through the window at the Stump

tim denton 5

Cable ties, battery and laser cut MDF will give you a beautiful drawing machine

tim denton 4

I seemed to have a cup of tea in my hand in all the photos, so you’ve only got one with me in or you might think I’m a slacker

tim denton drawing 1

this machine created a random pattern, it was slow and steady

tim denton drawing 2

my favourite….this little spider like gizmo had tiny letters on the end of it’s legs which you could gently place on an ink pad, it then hopped about madly writing you a love poem!


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