Artist gets nerdy suprise during quiet sunday walk……

Too much computer based work is not good for anyone and I felt really pleased with myself having completed two proposals and one application, so I decided to take advantage of a lovely sunny day by visiting RSPB Frampton Marsh.     As I trundled along the well worn paths, I caught sight of things with feathers….other more serious walkers may call them avocets, lapwings, gulls and coots.   The midges circled over my head….at times like this you know why cows have tails.  Due to the lack of a tail, I swung my scarf around like a whirling dervish.

I decided I’d had enough twitching (ooooooh sorry serious birdwatchers) and returned to have a nap on a sunny bench near the car park (after a total of at least 20 mins brisk yomping so I felt I deserved it).   ‘Have you got any seed?!’ was being shouted in my ear, ‘yes’ I mumbled, I remember someone had given me a handful earlier and told me I would need it later on, obediently I’d kept it in my hand so I wasn’t lying (just in case that may have crossed your mind).  ‘Come over then, we’re starting….again, I’m a very obedient person, so over I went.

The rest is in the pictures.   The only thing that won’t be obvious is the way the cows were so interested is what was going on….they literally galloped over and kept their eyes glued to the persformers, hilarious!

Thank you ‘Transported’ and the ‘Nerdy Birdies’ for making my sunday very special!

nerdy birdies intro

nerdy birdies tent 2

nerdy birdies vul

nerdy birdies learning to fly

nerdy birdies little chicks

nerdy birdies pen

nerdy birdies crowd

nerdy birdies flam 2

nerdy birdies can 3

nerdy birdies can 4


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