Artist letters in shops for ‘Transported’

Having taken part in a project in Wisbech with Red Barn Crafts last year where artists were asked to create letters in their own art form for shop display, I thought it would be a brilliant way of raising awareness of Transported and also local artist’s work.

A huge thank you to all the artists who at very short notice agreed to make a letter for a Holbeach shop window.     Most are now in place….a few still to be found a home…..and here is the evidence.  They look wonderful and have already become a talking point.

Many thanks to Amy Lee for the photos.

barker magowan 1

atkinson 1

gurney 1

parker 1

amy lee 3


amy lee 1

atkinson 2

amy lee 2



amy lee 4

barker magowan 2

amy lee 5


One thought on “Artist letters in shops for ‘Transported’

  1. Your welcome Miss Parker. I think I did well with all the reflections that was getting in the way……….not that I dare complain about the fact the sun was out. They look grate good job well executed Parker.

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