‘Plank 2013’ Yarnbomb installation – Market Rasen MR BIG Arts & Crafts Festival 2 Feb-2 March.

Below is an introduction to the Festival.   I’m hoping to create a colourful knitted display in the town centre.  MR BIG has done amazing work to bring the community of Market Rasen together.

The kinds of things that will be available to be decorated are: lamposts, bench seats, bollards, images and measurements available if you email me.  Anything with stripes would be fantastic.   Oh and in case you’re wondering, the ‘Rasen’ of Market Rasen comes from an Anglo Saxon word meaning ‘planks’ hence the title of the festival!

If you would rather go ‘off piste’, there’s a tree to hang things from and countless shop door handles that would love to be adorned with knitted treasures!

Finally….thanks so much for taking part and please email me for more information and the address to send finished pieces to.

Please make sure your work arrives by 28 January latest to be included in the display and is marked with your name/where you live (we will endeavour to include late arrivals and if not will use them as contributions for future displays)

Carol Parker



Lead consortium member for Creative People & Places SH & Boston



As part of Market Rasen’s Portas Town Pilot status the Arts Council England have awarded the town’s business improvement group (MR BIG) £10K to deliver a community-focused arts and crafts festival.

For 2 weeks in February, 8-24, Market Rasen will become an art gallery with work being exhibited in unusual places and spaces to create an arts trail, including: empty shops, railway station, market place, high street shop windows, pubs, cafes, school and church.

Outline Brief
The Arts and Crafts Festival will be a celebration of Market Rasen’s assets and qualities, namely: our markets, racecourse, beautiful countryside, golf course, shops, woodland, biking and hiking routes, train station and our heritage and architecture.

Additionally we would like to recognise the unique character and personality of our town: friendly, traditional, rural, genuine, vibrant with great potential and a community spirit.

As this activity is a spin off from our Portas Pilot win, with the focus on regenerating the British High
Street, we are also keen that this project is inspired by the ideas of TRANSFORMATION and REGENERATION


    • thanks for your comment little green pixie…..I’m sure I could make an exception and extend the cut off date. The festival is on until 2 March, if you can get something to me by mid february it can still be displayed x

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