Social Media morning in Peterborough

Edward Truch & Didier Soopramanien from Lancaster University delivered a slick presentation and there was coffee with croissants and pain au chocolat (or was it raisin?).  The room was full, the architecture stunning and thankfully wonderfully distracting when the didactic sometimes muffled (due to tech probs and enormous size of room possibly but not helped by tinnitus) duo embarked on one of those ‘only interesting to scientists’ bits.

I have no idea, apart from those around my own table, who the rest of the people in the room were, apart from the rebellious hero of the day (you know who you are) so networking was difficult, with only first names to go by in some instances.   We were a group of 3 artists so realised very quickly that it may not be totally relevant in all its parts but thought we may pick up some useful tips on how to encourage visitors to our blogs for instance.

You’re right, I’m being unfair.   They certainly…well obviously, knew their stuff, but it wasn’t what I wanted to hear, so I fancy a moan, that’s all!


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