Bracebridge Heath Torch Relay ‘Woodland Walk’

The event was organised by artsNK and the artworks created by commissioned artists, local groups and residents.   I participated under my yarnbomb name ‘knit the streets’.   The 4 trees decorated with a web design at the start of the woodland walk, represent the intersection of ancient roads on the site and the pom bomb (complete during community workshops) installed at the end of the walk, the many people that travelled along them.  Following the torch relay, the woodland walk was opened for visitors to enjoy before gathering on the Pavilion field for a couple of hours of full on entertainment.  After several hours installing my work, I placed my camping chair next to the BBQ and tea stall and didn’t move for a very long time!

I was also asked to display the 400mtr ‘knit2getherlincs’ knitted Olympic track completed during my Cultural Olympiad project last year; it quickly attracted a couple of trainee athletes!

For more info on the Olympic track see

And here are two trees decorated by the Bracebridge Heath community groups; the tie tree and the tight tree!


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