Yarnbombing at the Drill Hall, Lincoln 28 April

OK, so here it is, the long awaited, much enjoyed and very sad to say goodbye to….lacy crochet yarnbomb for Lyric Lounge at the Drill Hall, Lincoln!   The concrete ball on top of the wall is HUGE and I needed a long scary ladder to reach it, but it fitted a treat and together with the matching hand rail piece cheered up a very wet, windy and dismal day.

Inside the Drill Hall, chair backs were cushioned with woolly bits to comfort aching backs; toilet rolls were kept warm in the ladies and door handles were emphasised for ease of door opening!

Thank you to all who came to knit and chat, to the lovely man who said how much he enjoyed my work and to the lady who wanted to buy the yarnbomb (please get in touch if you’re still interested).   Thank you to all Lincoln shoppers & retailers who put up with my mass neon pink yarnbombing of the town centre early in the morning.   Special thanks to the guy with a sandwich board who let me yarnbomb him; Lincoln Library staff who had to go against policy for all of 2 minutes and Debs who helped me in my mischief with amazing enthusiasm.

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