Yarnbombing at the National Centre for Craft & Design

As part of the ‘Concrete Canvas’ programme, I’ll be yarnbombing Sleaford on 12 May, why not come and add your woolly piece to the mix?!   Although it says on the NCCD brochure ‘Adults’, I’m quite happy for anyone over 16 to attend or under that age if accompanied by an adult.   If you can’t knit, don’t worry….. finger knitting and extreme french knitting techniques are great for yarnbombing too and very quickly learnt!


Tea and cakes have been promised if you need an extra incentive….book early to reserve a place on 01529 308710.

There’s also the possibility of a larger yarnbomb commission……..tbc!

Saturday 12 May 2012 – 10am – 4pm

Knit the street – Workshop

Working with Carol Parker you will challenge, augment and extend the concept of street art through the application of craft practice.

£25 per person. Includes tea and cake!

For A Adults

Roof Gallery – 5 May 2012 – 24 Jun 2012

Concrete Canvas – Exhibition

Taking inspiration from the ever increasing international popularity of Urban, Street and Guerilla art, this is an exhibition with a difference due to the fact that most of it will take place outside of the gallery. Our Roof Gallery will be transformed into the core of this show where you will find clues to discovering the whereabouts of the illusive artworks and document your interaction with them. We challenge you to find them all and perhaps even add your own!



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